Who Offers Free LPN Classes?

Are you thinking about enrolling in classes in order to become a Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LPN)? Do you have reservations about applying for nursing school because of the costs involved? If you want to become an LPN but you do not have enough money for your program, there may actually be ways to go to nursing school for free. Here's how!

Government-Funded Pell Grants

Perhaps the best and most popular way to attend LPN classes for free today is by applying for a government-funded Pell Grant. Pell Grants are funds that are offered to students who are enrolled in higher education facilities and need help with the costs of their education. These funds do not have to be paid back. Typically, a Pell Grant will cover your tuition, books and various other educational costs. If you wish to apply for a Pell Grant, you will need to complete an online financial aid application and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Proof of Financial Need
  • Proof of United States Citizenship
  • Valid Social Security Number
  • Enrollment of at Least Half Time in a Certificate or Degree Program
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • High School Diploma or GED

Federal Stafford Loans

If you do not meet all of the requirements for a Pell Grant, you may want to consider applying for a Federal Stafford Loan. These funds are available to nursing students who are enrolled in an approved educational facility for least a half-time program. You will need to pay these funds back at a certain point after graduation, but they thankfully carry a low interest rate. If you find that you cannot make the scheduled payments, there are various repayment options available. While many students are able to defer their payments, you may also be eligible for loan consolidation, forbearance or even loan forgiveness in some instances.

Trustee Awards

Are you a good student? If so, you may be eligible for what is known as a Trustee Award. Many colleges and universities offer Trustee Awards to incoming and/or current students that maintain high grade point averages. The requirements for these awards may vary from one school to the next, and some may not offer them at all. You will want to consult with a financial aid adviser in the school of your choice to find out if this option is available. You do not need to be a low-income student in order to apply for these awards. However, you must present proof of outstanding academic achievement. The amount you may receive from a Trustee Award depends on your school of choice and its available funds at the time of your enrollment.

Finding available money for your college education can be quite difficult if you are living on a budget. However, there are some great ways to fund your LPN classes if you know where to look. Do not let money concerns stop you from acquiring your training! Apply for one of the programs above, and start your LPN program today!

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