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CNA to LPN Online Classes

Posted by Andy Rain on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 2:26 PM

There are so many online programs for licensed practical nurses or LPNs that can be used in the event that you want to transform from CNA or certified nursing assistant to LPN. One of the main reasons why this is possible is because of the distance learning. There are some online programs on LPN which are requiring its students to become CNAs first. What is good with these kinds of programs is that this will provide opportunity to the students to do their work daytime and attend the online discussions based from their free time and schedule.

The chain of all nursing courses is considered as the core of all the online programs for LPN. These nursing courses are discussing more on the ideas and the theories all about the profession of nursing. What is most beneficial with the online courses for LPN is that these will not just teach its students how they can take care with their patients but will also enable them to learn how to properly diagnose the condition of their patient. Moreover, the online LPN classes will also teach its future licensed practical nurses with the proper ways of how they can communicate not just with their patients but also with the other members of the health care team. Because of the fact that CNA is a nurse assistant who does not have the power to oversee their patients and take good care of them directly, the programs for LPN are very much in demand.


There is variation in the required courses for various LPN programs. There are some which will require its students to finish many courses online and there are also some that will just require several classes and courses. The requirements in these kinds of courses can be completed prior to entering the program and some of these can be secured along the way. Regardless of the approach present, the available nursing degrees provide its students with the right education that is perfect to have them prepared with the upcoming licensure examination for practical nurses.

Anatomy Subject Required

If you are a CNA and are planning to take LPN classes, you have to bear in mind that there are some programs requiring its students to have background knowledge about some topics like human anatomy, organ and tissues as well as the fundamental topics in different systems of the body. Because of this, you can surely encounter anatomy topics as part of the curriculum of the programs intended for LPN. Though anatomy classes can be made possible using the online approach, it will be better if you will attend most of the laboratory classes and avail of the hands on opportunities. By means of this approach, you can understand the subject deeper and the theory you have in your mind will become clearer.

Psychology Topic Needed

The CNA to LPN classes are also requiring its students to undergo with psychology topics. Because of these kinds of topics, it will provide the student with better understanding in terms of the behaviors and the decision process when it comes to caring for their patients. Aside from that, psychology course will also allow its students gain awareness on the present social issues meaningful and is needed in the treatment of the patient. Getting familiar with these social issues will also help future LPNs to do proper communication with their patients to facilitate easy development and implementation of care.

Essence of Communication Subjects

Students who are already CNA and are planning to become LPN will also be required to undergo with computer classes. They will be thought to use specific software needed in compiling reports, calculating the statistics and searching for the data about several diseases and its corresponding treatments. Once you are planning to undergo with CNA to LPN classes online, you must also master the communication skills. Good communication skills are not just needed in the room but also in terms of working with the other health care team and assessing and rendering care to your patients. In some online CNA to LPN classes, they are also requiring its students to undergo with leadership subjects.