Weekend LPN Classes

Wanting to enter the medical field as a licensed practical nurse, or LPN, and having weekday obligations that defy normal class schedules may seem like a no-win situation. However, while they're not as common as LPN evening classes, there are schools available that offer the option of weekend-only LPN classes.

Advantages of Weekend LPN Classes

One of the clear advantages of being able to take LPN classes only on the weekends is that it frees up your weekdays for whatever other obligations you may have. Whether you work odd hours during the week that prevent you from taking weekday classes during the days or evenings or you have other obligations, weekend-only classes could give you the freedom to pursue your goals.

Another solid advantage to weekend LPN classes is that, in many cases, you can take these classes while pursuing a different course of study during the week. More and more colleges that offer LPN programs are now turning to this alternative for students who may be involved in a related field of study during the weekdays but want to simultaneously earn an LPN certificate and possibly work as an LPN while finishing other coursework. In addition, some programs provide for a transfer of credits to a more advanced nursing program in the future, should you also choose this path.

Duration of Weekend LPN Classes

LPN coursework to prepare for the licensing exam generally must meet a required number of classes and/or credits, usually at least 36 credits and/or 14 classes. A program with classes that meet only on the weekends is by necessity a part-time program and may take as many as six semesters to complete. Since these semesters often include summer sessions as well as traditional fall, winter and/or spring semesters, the program in many cases can still be completed in about two years or less. If you are combining weekend classes with evening classes as well, many such programs can be done in a year to 18 months, the same as many full-time programs.

Regardless of how you choose to complete your training, you shouldn’t give up because you think becoming an LPN is out of your reach. Most LPN programs, whether full-time or part-time, offer financial aid options, affordable tuition costs and flexible payment options, along with the flexible course schedules. If you are limited to weekends only, such programs exist and are certainly worth considering.

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