Five Things Not to Do in Nursing School

Five Things Not to Do in Nursing School

Five Things Not to Do in Nursing School

If you are a nursing student or getting ready to begin LPN training, you have probably heard a lot of suggestions of what you should do while attending school. However, it is just as important to learn what not to do in nursing school! There are many mistakes that LPN students make during their training, and to help you avoid them, we have listed five of the most common mistakes below.

1. Believing that Nursing School is Easy

Arguably the most common mistake that many LPN students make today is believing that nursing school is going to be easy. This could not be further from the truth! Nursing school requires a lot of dedication, studying, and hard work. For you to be a successful LPN graduate, you need to dedicate much of your time to reading, research, and studying.

2. Waiting until the Last Minute to Study

Another mistake that all too many nursing students make is waiting until the last minute to study for exams. This is informally known as cramming. While cramming for an exam may get you a passing score, it is much better if you set aside an hour or two each day for your studies. In this way, the information will stay with you much longer than if you were to cram.

3. Being Afraid to Ask Questions

Being afraid to ask questions is yet another common mistake made by many LPN students. Never try to figure something out on your own! If you are having a particularly difficult time with a topic or subject, ask your instructor for clarification. You may also want to consider joining a study group of your peers. You just may find that something you are having a hard time with is something that one of your peers fully understands!

4. Going to Classes and Clinicals Unprepared

One thing that you need to learn about nursing school is that there is simply no excuse for attending classes and clinicals unprepared. You must always be prepared when attending LPN training. Be sure that you have everything you may need including such things as textbooks, notebooks, pens, your laptop, a lab coat, your stethoscope, and a thermometer.

5. Changing Educational Facilities During Training

Finally, it is never recommended to change schools during your LPN training. The reason for this is that different schools have varying requirements for their LPN programs. Additionally, some courses may not be transferable from one school to another. With that said, choose your educational facility wisely, and stick with it!