Do LPNs Need Pharmacology and IV Certification?

Do LPNs Need Pharmacology and IV Certification?

Do LPNs Need Pharmacology and IV Certification?

If you are getting ready to undergo a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, training program, you may be wondering about the number of certifications you will need to earn. You probably already know that you need CPR certification to graduate. However, do you need any other certifications such as pharmacology or IV certification?

The answer to this question is no, you don't need them to graduate, but they will be highly advantageous if you earn them as well. While all LPN programs touch on pharmacology and IV instruction, the training LPN students receive in these areas are often minimal. What this means is that your scope of practice in these areas will likely be limited if you do not opt for certifications in these areas.

Demand for More Highly Trained LPNs

Perhaps the best reason you should consider obtaining pharmacology and IV certifications is that more and more employers today prefer to hire highly trained LPNs. While there are many areas in which you can obtain certifications, two of the most valuable areas are pharmacology and IV therapy.

By obtaining pharmacology and IV certifications, you will be showing prospective employers that you have proven your expertise in these important areas of healthcare. As a result, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the job of your dreams. In many cases, LPNs that possess these certifications enjoy higher salaries as well.

State Regulations Regarding LPNs' Scope of Practice

Before choosing to obtain pharmacology and IV certifications, it is essential for you to find out about your state's regulations regarding the scope of practice for LPNs and LVNs in your state. In some states, even if you possess these certifications, your scope of practice as an LPN or LVN may still be a bit limited.

You can easily find out about your state's rules regarding pharmacology and IV certifications for LPNs and LVNs by visiting your state's board of nursing website. Nevertheless, because of the unusually high demand for qualified LPNs today, these states are few and far between.

NAPNES Nursing Certifications for LPNs

The National Association for Practical Nursing Education and Services, commonly known as NAPNES, is a national organization devoted to the education and certifications of LPNs and LVNs. NAPNES offers many great certification programs for practical and vocational nurses, including excellent pharmacology and IV therapy programs.

To qualify for the NAPNES pharmacology and IV certification programs, you must be a licensed practical or vocational nurse. The program also offers training to various other healthcare professionals. You must also register with NAPNES before you will be eligible to enroll in the organization's certificate programs.

Program Length and Curriculum

The time it will take you to complete a pharmacology or IV certification program may vary. However, in most cases, you will be able to complete each program in about six months. These are what are known as self-study programs that need to be completed online, and you can begin whenever you wish.

You will need to purchase your program's textbooks, which you can find on the NAPNES website. You will also need a computer, high-speed Internet, a word processing software, Flash, Adobe Reader, a media-playing software, and an email address. Upon completions of your programs, you will be eligible for your certification exams.