Qualities of a Successful LPN

Qualities of a Successful LPN

Qualities of a Successful LPN

Have you ever wondered whether or not you have the characteristics to make a great LPN? Or maybe you are not even sure about the qualities that are associated with successful practical nurses. In either case, we have some information that can answer all your questions! If you possess the following qualities, you just may have what it takes to become an excellent LPN.

A Caring and Friendly Personality

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a good LPN is a caring and friendly personality. As a licensed practical nurse, you must be able to connect with your patients on an emotional level. Many of your patients will be experiencing a variety of emotions that can include anxiety, fear, depression and even anger.

As such, you must be genuinely sympathetic to their concerns. While you may never fully understand what your patients are going through, by providing them with a friendly smile and some kind words, you can help relieve some of their stress. Furthermore, many patients look forward to interacting with compassionate, friendly LPNs!

Strong Communication and People Skills

Other qualities that are essential to becoming an outstanding LPN are strong communication and people skills. Licensed practical nurses interact with a broad range of people every day. These individuals include such persons as patients, registered nurses, physicians, technicians, coworkers, family members of patients, and vendors.

Because of this fact, you must be able to positively speak and listen to others. You will also need to take directive orders from your superiors and interact effectively with your coworkers to encourage a smooth-running work environment. During your LPN training, you will be required to complete a communication skills course.

Ability to Pay Attention to Details

The ability to pay attention to details is yet another important characteristic of extraordinary LPNs. Missing just one minute detail can pose detrimental consequences for a patient.

With that said, as an LPN, you will be responsible for taking note of even the smallest behavior and physical changes in all of your patients.

This quality is especially important when documenting these changes in patient files. Physicians need to know everything that patients may be experiencing so that they can alter medication or treatment plans as necessary. You must also make sure that your patients have everything they need to optimize their comfort.

An Emotionally Stable Personality

Licensed practical nurses work with a variety of patients under many different circumstances. At times, you may witness joyful events such as the birth of a baby or a cancer patient who has gone into remission. However, there will also be times when you witness sad events such as a stillbirth or the death of a long-term patient.

Thus, if you choose to become an LPN, it is essential that you possess an emotionally stable personality. Being emotionally stable will help you get through the ups and downs of your career. However, it is important to note that it is perfectly normal for LPNs to experience varying degrees of work-related stress.

Excellent Physical Condition

During your shifts as a licensed practical nurse, you will spend a great deal of your day standing, walking, lifting, and pushing. What this means is that you need to be in excellent physical condition. Breaks may be few and far between, and your shifts could last anywhere between eight and 12 hours or longer!