Online CNA to LPN Bridge Programs

Online CNA to LPN Bridge Programs

Online CNA to LPN Bridge Programs

Are you a certified nursing assistant who would like to become something more? If so, you should consider enrolling in some online CNA to LPN classes. Also known as CNA to LPN bridge programs, online CNA to LPN classes can significantly reduce the time that you would otherwise spend in a traditional LPN program. This is because many of the courses you completed to become a CNA will count towards your LPN training.

Classes You Will Need to Complete

For you to be eligible to enroll in online CNA to LPN classes, you must be a state-certified nursing assistant. You may also be required to complete an entrance examination and submit to a background check and a drug test. The coursework that you will need to complete will consist of both general education and career-related material as described below.

  1. Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology - This course will focus on the different tissues, organs and systems of the human body and is a basic requirement of all online CNA to LPN programs.
  2. Advanced Psychology - Studying advanced psychology can help you understand the thought processes and behavior of patients. This course also teaches the importance of contemporary social issues when treating and communicating with patients.
  3. Computer Skills for LPNs - It is a fact that the world has become reliant upon technology and computers. This is no different when it comes to LPN careers. This course can give you the skills you will need to calculate statistics, compile reports and research treatment methods.
  4. Communications for Medical Professionals - Communication with patients and their families is an important part of being a licensed practical nurse. Learning effective communication can give you the skills to calm the fears of both patients and their families. It can also enable you work as a valuable member of the medical team.
  5. Nursing-Related Classes - Of course, much of your online CNA to LPN program will consist of various nursing-related classes. These courses will focus mainly on how to treat patients and how to recognize various illnesses. The number of nursing courses you will need to complete depends on the online school you choose.

How to Obtain Your Clinical Training

In many ways, online CNA to LPN classes are quite similar to courses offered in traditional schools. You will study many of the same subjects as those described above. However, the biggest difference between studying online and within a brick and mortar school is the clinical portion of your training.

In the past, it was up to the online student to locate a facility that would offer clinical training. This is not always the case today when there are more and more online schools that have arrangements with various healthcare facilities for the purpose of clinical training.