Responsibilities of Home Healthcare LPNs

Responsibilities of Home Healthcare LPNs

Responsibilities of Home Healthcare LPNs

Home healthcare is growing at a rapid rate today as more and more people are choosing to receive the medical care they need in their own homes. As a result of this, there is an increasing demand for nursing staff to provide this care. If you are an aspiring LPN who wants to join a home healthcare team, you will be responsible for performing such tasks as those described below.

Basic Medical Care

Some of the tasks you will need to perform as a home healthcare licensed practical nurse will involve administering basic medical care to your assigned patients. While these tasks vary depending on your current patients' needs, some of the most common medical care-related responsibilities of home healthcare LPNs include:

  • Change Dressings
  • Administer Medications
  • Monitor Patients' Conditions
  • Record Changes in Patients' Conditions and Behavior
  • Take and Record Patients' Vital Signs
  • Administer Massage Therapy
  • Place and Monitor Catheters
  • Assist Patients with Rehabilitative Exercises
  • Place and Monitor IVs
  • Administer Oxygen Therapy

Personal Care Assistance

As a home healthcare LPN, you will also be responsible for performing a variety of personal care-related tasks for each of your patients. The exact duties you will need to perform at each home depends solely on your patients and their individual health conditions. However, some typical tasks in this category include:

  • Help Patients Bathe and Dress
  • Help Patients with Personal Grooming
  • Prepare Meals and Feed Patients if Necessary
  • Perform Basic Housework
  • Change and Launder Bedding
  • Help Patients to and from Bathrooms if Necessary
  • Provide Emotional Support to Patients and their Family Members

Miscellaneous Duties

Finally, in addition to the tasks listed above, licensed practical nurses who work for home healthcare companies are often responsible for various miscellaneous duties as well. The tasks in this category will depend on the company you choose to work for and your patients' individual needs. Nevertheless, some common miscellaneous duties for home healthcare LPNs are:

  • Transport Patients to and from Medical Appointments
  • Fill Prescriptions for Patients at Local Pharmacies
  • Educate Patients and Their Family Members on Proper Home Care
  • Maintain Home Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Ensure that Patients Adhere to Medication Schedules
  • Refer Patients to Physicians or Specialists if Necessary
  • Refer Patients to Community Help Organizations if Necessary
  • Help Patients with Grocery Shopping and Paying Bills